About us

Company history

“Georgian Perlite”  was founded in 2012 by professional  mining engineers who have an extensive practical and scientific experience in the field of mining, processing and using  of perlite.


Location and manufacturing capacities:

A modern perlite processing factory, with the capacity of one hundred thousand tons of fractionated perlite per year, was built in 2014.

All manufacturing facilities are located directly at Paravani perlite deposit (Georgia, Tsalka municipality, village Trialeti, along the railway station  “Taparavani”  of  Marabda-Kartsakhi  130 km. from Tbilisi.)

“Georgian Perlite” holds the licenses of subsoil use for several million tons of reserves, which are located at 47 hectares of the allotment.


Transportation opportunities:

– Motor transport: newly built road , 130 km from Tbilisi city.

Poti sea port: 400 km. by railway as well as highway.

Railway: quarry and factory are located near railway station “Taparavani” of  Marabda-Kartsakhi.










Strategic principles of our company business are the production of customer-oriented high quality and multipurpose products, which is achieved with professionalism by using modern scientific technologies and with successful management.